Poditive Screwcast Ep.02: How to (And Why We) Make Art

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Jack and Billy Slay a Dragon

By Jeff and Casey

Once, in an age now long past, there lived two wandering mercenaries by whose goodly names we now know as one Sir “Jack” (of House Chan) and Sir “Billy” (of House Lugosi.) Jack and Billy dwelt in permanent want for a permanent home and hearth; but being as they lacked both the fiscal means and – more importantly – the responsibility to seek same, instead, the peripatetic princelings blithely did prance hither and thither throughout vale and glen; daily they frolicked gaily amidst hill and dale from frankalmoign to fiefdom, forever furthering their iniquitous nightly quest of ill-gotten groats with which to finance their most crippling dependence upon the abuse (unlawful) of narcotics (illicit.)

To this ignoble end, the duumvirate of intrepid swashbucklers sought adventure wherever it be found (just so long as there was money in it.)

“That last job was bullshit,” the brave Sir Billy bitched, “Fuck helping farmers clean shit and bale hay. When are we going to get paid to Eiffel Tower a princess?”

“Or at least a milkmaid,” said Sir Jack, “What’s Eiffel Tower?”

“’Tis a task undertaken by dudes two; whereupon I, by way of mouth, and thou, by way of her moistened vulva lips, gangbangest a rare and radiant bitch from either end. And thence upon the rolling waves of the petite morte high fivest we. The trio in that stance appeareth as doth the great Parisian Eiffel Tower upon the spangled gleamings of the frosty morning dew,” said Sir Billy.

“Okay, but what’s the Eiffel Tower?” asked Sir Jack, “This is the Middle Ages, dude.”

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What is Sexualizing Women? (A Short Story)

jeans(Spencer and Reed are in a coffee shop sitting opposite one another. Reed is reading [chuckles to self] and Spencer is removing the cap of his coffee to let the steam eek out. A woman walks past the two of them from off stage right to off stage left and Spencer stares.)

SPENCER: I think… I might sexualize women.

REED: What?

SPENCER: I… I’m almost positive. I’m sexualizing women.

REED: (Looks around) Her?

SPENCER: Not… just her. I think it’s all women.

REED: So you’re a man.

SPENCER: No. I mean, yes, but not the stereotypical one.

REED: (Puts down paper) I don’t think I understand.

SPENCER: Like… Okay. So, you see that woman (points).

REED: (Looks) Yes.

SPENCER: So, her butt looks fantastic in those jeans.

REED: Yes.

SPENCER: So, I’m sexualizing her, right?

REED: Yes.

SPENCER: But like, I don’t want to have sex with her.

REED: You don’t?

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The Unison of Superfuture Electra Hearts

I haven’t posted a masher in a bit or so bros, and the reason is because I haven’t made one in a bit or so I have enjoyed and thought worth sharing. What I share this morning is my favorite to date. The vocals and words are flawless, while the style is me and varied. It drops hard and lets you dance while still saying something if you really bother to listen. There is a contradiction. It is both subtle and harsh like the A.D.D  that plagues me. This is how I listen to music. My goal as a DJ is for you to hear what I hear, and I feel this my best example of what I mean by that, at least to date.

Stay average buds and thanks for listening  :) !!!

Oculus Review: Not of the Rift Variety

oculus_ver2Oculus is not about time travel. That’s kinda my thesis.

Oculus is a 2014 horror film (in America, but 2013 everyone else). It was written and directed by Mike Flanagan, who originally wrote this as a short story beforehand.

This film is made on a modest $5 million — so enough to retire on — and it did well enough to earn over $28 million. And I purposely use the word “earn” because this is a film that’s not for main stream audiences due to its non-linear storytelling — but I’ll touch more on that in a minute.

The story is about a brother and sister named Tim and Kaylie (Tim played by Brenton Thwaites and Kaylie by Karen Gillan). Tim, we learn, is being released from a psyche ward 11 years after shooting his parents.

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Average Joe’s As Judged By An Average Bill

So I sit and stare at nothing,
And it buzzes and tells me it’s cute,
And I believe it because why argue,
I’m not all that astute.
I don’t think a thought that often,
Least not one my own,
So when you show me what is cute,
I trust in what is shown.
Same in what is evil,
Same in what is good.
Same in all things big or small,
Same in all things understood.
For What I understand is this,
I understand but nigh.
Why argue with the buzzing nothing?
Why even bother,
why even try?