Gone Girl and the Great Gatsby

It's all in the eyes.

It’s all in the eyes.

It's all in the eyes.

It’s all in the eyes.

To set the stage, my wife and I were watching Gone Girl for the second time (first time with the in-laws). I was in hot anticipation of seeing Ben Affleck’s penis as I had not on the first viewing, but evidently it was front and center like a page 6 spread because it was all my fellow critics seemed to talk about. In general, this film was more gratuitous than I remember.

However, when Nick Dunne’s extra-marital affair goes public, we noticed another small detail previously glossed over — though equally voluptuous. Andie donned the last name, Fitzgerald.

Now both characters are writers, both well-read, and Gillian Flynn makes no attempt to mask the meta-narrative. Characters leave each other clues in the murder mystery and Amy literally writes a compelling 300 page thriller full of truths and fictions that are — oddly enough — normaler than fiction since she paints the picture of an abusive and violent husband as opposed to revealing the inner workings of a manipulative, suicidal psychopath. Continue reading

Ahab’s Wife Review: A Deconstruction of Sena Jeter Naslund’s Deconstruction of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick by Way of Feminist Kenosis


Few novels reach the illustrious status of “Great American Novel,” still fewer novelists know they’ve achieved it. Upon release, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick was a failure… But today it’s a turning point in the literary canon.

Melville captures the American zeitgeist onboard the Pequod — a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities; ideas and religions!

The novel is divided within itself, switching from narrative to historical facts; from philosophical ideas to short stories; from scripts to biology lessons on whale anatomy.

Yet, while the mammoth text may be divided, the novel is no less united. The changes in the narrative occur after Ishmael and company have set sail, reason being they are on a multi-year voyage (3 years) and if Melville adapted the narrative faithfully, there would be chapters upon chapters of nothing much happening — an opinion, but the majority of sailing is tedious. However, sailors spin yarns, share beliefs, and discuss previous voyages gone by (to pass the time); it’s a collective of ideas, pooling from the melting pot of America.

It’s not simply a good book, it’s a great book; the great American novel.

So it’s pretty bold for Sena Jeter Naslund to deconstruct it. Continue reading

The Colloquial Sequitur “Yeahno” (A Short Script)


(Three boys walking out of a movie theater at 12:00AM, evidently the only ones.)

ANDREW: That was… unexpected.

LEWIS: Atrocious.

ANDREW: I liked some of it; a better idea than a movie.

LEWIS: Yeahno, the movie was awful.

STAN: What did you just say?

LEWIS: The movie was awful.

STAN: Before that.

ANDREW: It was a better idea than a–

STAN: No, no, the word after that.

LEWIS: The movie was awful.

STAN: No, there was a word thrown in between.

LEWIS: Yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

STAN: That was it! You said, “Yeah.”

ANDREW: Yeahno, he said, “Yeahno.”

STAN: Yes! What the hell is that?!

ANDREW: “Yeahno?”

STAN: Yes!

(STAN shrugs)

LEWIS: It’s a colloquial sequitur. Continue reading

Welcome to 2015

rick-moranis-big-bullyThere are no instructions for life. No manual for going through every hour of every day. What we have is a lot of time and past attempts which allows us to create a vague outline. And although it may seem that everyone’s living should be easier by now life is not something anyone has a firm grasp on. It isn’t always the fittest that survives, evolution doesn’t come from pure will, science can be wrong, and destiny or fate [or faith(shh…)] is blind. Truth is just a word.

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Some Thoughts on Feminism

venus-symbolA few weeks ago there was some sort of article/holiday going around — I wouldn’t call it viral, but it was definitely going around… what would you call that? Seasonal, but in internet time?

So there was an article about “show your ta-ta’s” day — where is that link? Oh, there it is (NSFW).

According to the front page of that website, they were founded in 2007 because women are not allowed to go topless — like men. They say toplessness should be a constitutional right for women, since there’s no penalty when men do it. I’m not going to get deep into the logistics of this because it doesn’t matter. Continue reading