Poditive Screwcast Ep.02: How to (And Why We) Make Art

Introduction to Ep.02: How to (And Why We) Make Art

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Chapter 1?

Like this... sort of (and reversed).

Like this… sort of (and reversed).

Couch facing downstage, shabby coffee table with glass on top, typewriter on the center of it; two remote controls nearby. Armchair stage left. Door further stage left. Stairs upstage with two doors (leading to the individual rooms).

WESLEY (26). He’s wearing baggy clothes. A green plaid shirt, some jeans and brown moccasins; worn.

Wes sits on the couch, glass of water to the right of him, stack of blank pages to the left. He slides a paper into the typewriter and preps himself by making hand gestures, stretching his arms out, letting the shirt sag. Cracks his knuckles, tilts his head left and right, shakes head a few times and makes faces – all warmup exercises you can think of.

WES. Okay!

The door opens with such force that it slams open against the wall. KURT (29) enters in a suit and tie. Beer bottle in one hand, brief case in another.

WES. (rises off couch) Damnit, Kurt!

KURT. (sips beer and leans in looking downstage) You watching porn or something?

WES. No, no.

KURT. Letting your imagination get some exercise?

WES. No, well-yes, I- if you must know- I have decided that it’s time I put my skills and talents to good use. I am going to write a novel. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Casey!




























Happy Birthday, Casey Moriarty!

If you want to know what this strip is based off of, read Casey’s Martin Caduceus Kill an Angel and, while you’re there, read his eclectic set of stories and ideas in his article archive.

To know what he’s up to, follow him on twitter at @CVonMagnus.

And to see the communion fiasco, click here; and Jeff’s descent to Wonderland, here.

The Things Hardest to Find Are Often Worth the Most


First off: I would like to thank fellow Screwhead, Derek, and non-Screwhead, Beethoven, for acting as the supporting cast in my last post.  Additionally, I would like to mention that I am very cautious in recommending movies or even sharing my opinions about the movies I like; especially to Derek because he knows how to decimate my forgiving nature towards film.


Amidst discussions concerning equality and other thoughts in regards to human nature I found myself particularly having difficulty in recognizing a good example of a strong female character.  But that’s not really the forefront of this post.

The Losers came out in 2010 (read “twenty-ten”) while comic-book movies were becoming a big thing and still creating their identities.  From what I’ve witnessed, The Losers just comes off as a blip under all the other movies and millions upon millions of dollars the “successful” comic-book movies have brought in.  The Losers is, and are, overshadowed. Continue reading

Waiting for Gay Jesus (A Short Story)


Picture by: Geo Rittenmyer

We went around in a circle and talked about the future for LGBTQ peoples.

“I’m excited about the population control,” Larry said spooning his whip cream onto Jessica’s hot chocolate. “Once all gay people are comfortable to be gay, our population is going to be halved. Then jobs will open up, there’ll be affordable places to live in the city, less traffic – and so on.”

Jessica stirred the whip cream into her cocoa, “I’m actually excited that women and men will FINALLY be on equal terms,” she took a sip, “Like for real this time—legitimately. You guys are gonna know what sexual harassment is like in clubs, not to mention in the work place. I mean, imagine if your boss invited you out for drinks, promised a promotion, and then made a pass at you. You guys are finally going to get it without needing to be taught it because you’ll experience it.”

Greg stared out the window as though waiting for someone to show up.

“Greg,” I said, “What about you?”

“I’m excited,” he said absently, “but not for the same, noble reasons as you.”

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FRIENDS Analysis: Rachel Green’s Soulmate is Joshua Burgin

FRIENDS Created by: David Crane, Marta Kauffman & additional credit to Kevin S. Bright (executive producer)

FRIENDS Created by: David Crane, Marta Kauffman & additional credit to Kevin S. Bright (executive producer)

For Monica Geller’s Soulmate, click here.
For Ross Geller’s Soulmate, click here.

Today’s Topic:
Soulmationships: Rachel Green and Joshua Burgin


The closest thing to Rachel’s soulmate is Joshua… but truthfully, this is the hardest one to write because they don’t spend a great deal of screen time dating. We see Rachel in pursuit — which is vital — but we don’t see Rachel and Joshua.

After going through Rachel’s other long-term relationships (seeing how they start and why they end), it’s clear that Joshua is the outlier… but just because a character is an outlier, doesn’t make them a soulmate. However, so many of Rachel’s long-term relationships are carnal, so the only alternative to Joshua would be to say that Rachel doesn’t have a soulmate. It’s a little tragic, but wholly fitting for her character by the end of the series.

This analysis is best read after Ross Geller’s because of the Ross/Rachel dynamic, but to briefly sum up, at the core of Ross’ analysis, Julie was Rachel, but better. The reason Ross pursues Rachel is due to nostalgia, entitlement, and the fact that Rachel was the foundation for which he measured all women. For Rachel it’s similar, albeit converse: Joshua is Ross, but better.

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