How I Met Your Mother’s Strange Subversive Message


My wife and I just finished the 9-season run of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). Somehow we managed to avoid all the spoilers, but none of the outrage. It added a new level of mystery to the show; a less of who the mother was and more of what the outrage could be.

A combination of watching the series in the span of 60 days and expecting the worse subdued a lot of that hate. Had I been an avid viewer for 9 years however, I can understand the outcry.


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Creativity and You


I’m bummed about the world as it is today.  Not because of war or violence or whatever other reason people usually think of.  I’m bummed because of the creativity that isn’t quite there anymore.

There was a poster for Cantinflas up near my house and although I’m probably going to see the movie I’m disappointed.  It’s not that people are running out of ideas but that people are not really cementing their own personalities for others to admire.  People have become bland and unexciting.  Yes, there is work and art continually produced but there is no long-lasting connection with the person or artist.  You don’t see some thing that distinctly belongs to some one.  There is no saying if this is just a lull or a lapse of recovery but it does worry me to not see the kinds of progress that have been present in the past. Continue reading

22 Jump Street (2014) Review

22 Jump Street (2014)
Movie Review
By Jeffrey Kieviet


“What Contract Dispute?”

I’m baa-aack! The little girl from Poltergeist would have been far less creepy if she were an internet phantom. Actually, she probably wouldn’t have been a little girl because most people claiming to be little girls on the internet are actually creepy old men. Who are way creepier than the little girl in Poltergeist. And we’ve come full circle.

Have you ever inspired yourself? Is that even possible? Does inspiration have to come from an outside source? I have not written much for this site in quite some time either because I couldn’t find the inspiration (or motivation. Maybe a little of both). And I’m not blaming you. I mean, as an outside source you should have been sending me brilliant visions of butterflies dancing through moonlit enchanted forests, but I’ll let you slide this time. Continue reading

Magic in the Moonlight (2014) Review: I’m Dancing in the Moonlight

Magic in the Moonlight tells the story of Stanley (Colin Firth), a successful illusionist, who is pulled to the South of France by his friend and fellow magician, Howard (Simon McBurney), to disprove a medium, Sophie (Emma Stone).

It’s a simple romantic comedy that never stops being engaging and playful.

What I like about this movie is that it tackles the inherent irony in magicians head-on. As an audience, when we watch magic, we are in awe, but magicians don’t see magic because they know how it’s done. In this way, Stanley is the perfect depiction of a nihilistic Man of Science, what you see is what you get – unless of course you’re gullible or stupid, in which case you believe what you want to believe. Continue reading

Batman and the Fears Created as a Child


There’s a lot of depth in Batman. There are a lot of variations and perspectives. For some people it’s the mask. For others it might be the money. Some people question his sanity. But right now our focus is on fear.

As of recent there has been a larger spotlight on Batman’s darkness. The focus of qualities has gradually changed to create a greater sense of balance that contrasts the growing evils in our worlds. Batman has had to adjust and consistently raise his level as a vigilante (and other things). But it isn’t solely the new evil he’s combating but also the relentless onslaught of people that depend on him. There are new children that grow up with new fears; fears that had not previously existed; fears that have not yet found their contrast. Continue reading