A Look at the Bright Side

good-and-evilIt’s hard; being good.  Against the most bad in life there is no help.

You have to do everything alone.

One might say You have Your closest friends or You have that one person that will pull you through.  But even if that person, or those people, are there for You it is You that has to make all the decisions and stand by them.

There is a definite black & white.  They are essentially interchangeable.  And each black & white is unique to each person.  But there’s also a lot of gray.   Continue reading

Why Fan-Boys Be Hatin’?

fan-boy-rageI came across this thought on a typical sunny Seattle afternoon, where the denizens proclaim obscene lies about “rain” to ward off Californians from traveling too far north.

On the corner of third and pine, where Scott, the bagpipe playing Argentinian broadcasted the theme of downtown, was the Walgreens you not dare approach. It was full of low-lifes, crazies, and old people with oxygen tanks that doubled as carnies in the summer. However, this was the only drop-off I had familiarized myself with as none other was quite so notorious and thereby not as recognizable.

Once I was dropped off, I sifted through the excess of people with skin conditions, humpbacks and limps — limps from an ongoing battle with diabetes or limps from some Vietnam war wound, I couldn’t say, but they did, or at least tried to with their illegible chicken-scratch on cardboard.

I waited for the crosswalk when I saw some serviceable wares being sold by a man with missing teeth and a T-shirt that read “Shh… This is my hangover shirt.” I chuckled to myself and, being the extraordinary salesman that he was, he lured me over with hand gestures you could only misinterpret if you were blind, deaf, and dumb. As such, while most of the assorted homelies (as I call them) did not take notice, I sauntered over, knowing full well that I would miss my light — a predicament akin to missing a flight when facing homelies.

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Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist (2014) Review

street-fighter-assassins-fistStreet Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is a web series created by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, who would later go on to write, direct, and star in said series. They earned the rights to make this film after releasing the YouTube sensation Street Fighter: Legacy which aptly proved the material could work in film format.

Praise is in order for two unknowns to achieve auteur status for one of the most iconic pop-culture franchises… and it’s that sentiment that makes me not want to judge this series too harshly.

My knowledge of the production is limited to the Wikipedia page and IGN’s interview with Joey Ansah. In fact, it was the interview that made me interested in this series – not to mention “aware of.” Joey Ansah is passionate about the project and clearly did his research. He references QiGong, a man who could set things on fire, presumably by channeling his energy to his palm (or some David Blaine phenomenon). He also mentioned John Chang pushing a chopstick through solid wood – both these are available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The point is, they made this series because they wanted to. And there are a lot of positives to shell out.

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An Image of the World from Space

outer space trees moon silhouette surreal fantasy art floating island 2253x1377 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_28He never considered himself superstitious…

– But there was no way to end that sentence except with a lingering ellipsis –

It wasn’t just the events leading to this point.  His mind was compromised.  His whole way of life had been challenged.  He was overcome with an ongoing onslaught of thoughts and new ideas.  More than that: it was the doubt that plagued him. Continue reading

Lana Del Rey Review: She’s a Stripper

lana-del-rey-born-to-dieI like Lana Del Rey and not just because she has that kind of dreary, monotone voice with instrumentals that sound like random sound bytes from obscure indie movies in the background, but because she’s like the girlfriend you never had, you know the stripper.

And as a stripper, it’s her job to give you your ideal fantasy (but no touching, please). In a lot of ways, a stripper is like Grandma’s dollhouse, where you can play pretend, but not with your hands.

If you were to “read” Lana Del Rey then she would just sound like a codependent girl who will date any kind of man because they’ll all find a way to treat her like garbage, such is the abusive relationship life of a girl with daddy issues; essentially, she’s a T-Swift. However, what Rey (Del Rey?) does is add all the enthusiasm of an A.I. drone, programmed with everything but a personality.

(If you’ve never heard Lana Del Rey, imagine the scene from 10 Things I Hate About You, when Julia Styles sarcastically says, “I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.” That pretty much sums it up.) Continue reading